our story

The world of Dante6 is built upon strong, inclusive and empowering friendships between women. We make luxury approachable by creating wear-forever essentials to love and to hold.

The best kind of friendships are fierce female friendships, where you passionately appreciate and defend each other, believing the other deserves the world.

A woman’s style is an ever-changing process; you are not the same person you were yesterday let alone last year. We are all constantly evolving, and it is important to discover all the different things we can become as women. Whatever you are wearing, it adds a confidence and flavour to the way you move through your day. We offer a world in which women will always be able to identify with the various styles within our collection. We give her the confidence to embrace her identity and the freedom to express herself how she wishes.

Dante6 was founded in 2009 by Creative Director Evelyne Brekelmans who forms a powerful duo with her business partner, Managing Director Arlette Huisman. Run by a team of experienced and dedicated women, Dante6 believes in the power of community. They build upon a tight network of customers, influencers, local heroes, partners and suppliers. By spreading the Dante6 vision, relations become organically infused with our spirit and shared purposes arise. We learn from, inspire and empower one another.

We are the initiators of a platform that allow women to bond over shared stories. We always root for womanhood and the strength gained from nurturing deep and authentic relationships with women that cut across all ages, lifestyles and priorities. We value connection, empowerment and inclusivity, always using a true bond between women as our starting point. We are partners, sisters, mothers, but most of all friends.

- We Are All Women –