Our newest ICONS 24-1 collection has been crafted with the celebration of escapism in mind. Bringing together the carefree exuberance of a resort within the themes of urban life, that hold a contemporary and cool refinement.

Starting with our High Summer capsule Wardrobe 5, we have created a smooth transition to the Fall season in Wardrobes 6 and 7. Natural colours and soft prints play a key role into this passover.


Evelyne Brekelmans
Founder & Creative Director 

Wardrobe 5

Delivery May 2024

While keeping colours neutral, our palette is supported by some brights, to include core and long-term colours for a seasonless appeal.

Wardrobe 6

Delivery June 2024

We have updated our laid-back bohemian style with an ethereal aesthetic that speaks to the themes of both understated and bold luxury. Trending styles shift towards quiet elegance for this ICONS 24-1 collection and feature elevated styles with subtle design accents.

Wardrobe 7

Delivery July 2024

Our collection is full of new detailing in terms of texture, adding gracefully draped knitwear onto soft and delicate fabrics, combined with sharp tailored jackets - truly something for everyone to wear to our Urbane Resort.

Wardrobe 2

Delivery Feb 2024

Our SS24 designs are not merely fleeting trends but timeless pieces that transcend seasons. We understand the importance of creating garments that are cherished for years to come. We are devoted to crafting clothes that evoke a lasting emotional connection, garments that become an extension of the wearer's identity.
Prepare to be captivated by an explosion of colours, as our collection is filled with striking hues that enflame joy and express individuality. From calming neutrals to soft pastel tones, our core ranges receive quiet luxury updates, ensuring a perfect balance between timeless elegance and modern trends.

Wardrobe 3

Delivery March 2024

Step into our blooming world and immerse yourself in the beauty of innovative fabrics. With a keen eye for quality and aesthetics, we have carefully chosen cotton, linens, and many other lightweight materials that embody durability, refinement, and femininity. We embrace the allure of metallics, not limited to occasion wear but also incorporated into everyday items. These shimmering accents add a touch of sophistication and elevate your daily ensemble to new heights.

Wardrobe 4 - L‘INVITATION

Delivery April 2024

Simple silhouettes take on a new dimension as they’re upgraded with the captivating shimmer of sequins. Mono material details, including pleats and delicate floral add-ons, bring that extra touch of charm and sophistication to our designs.
Each piece in the L’Invitation collection has been designed and developed with love and affinity. We believe that every special occasion should be celebrated in style and our garments reflect that belief. We want the guest to match the excitement of the occasion with her appearance, feeling like it’s her big day too!
Love, Evelyne Brekelmans Founder & Creative Director

Wardrobe 1

Delivery Jan 2024

In the Wardrobe 1 we'll be taking you on a run-up through Spring, where warm and bright pops of colours like Luminous Pink, combined with earthscape naturals, will sooth our senses. Cosy textured knits, with slouchy yet feminine silhouettes, styled with our evergreen D6Nadja and D6Preston jeans.

Wardrobe 12

Delivery Dec 2023

Wardrobe 12 shows transition through our new soft but strong tailored pieces and cargo-inspired items, which are evolved into sultry atins, so they can be worn on multiple occasions.

Wardrobe 11

Delivery Nov 2023

In Wardrobe 11, we continue to drive interest in nostalgia, with 80's prints and shapes evolving into a sparkly, yet more mature, sophisticated direction. Noir-inspired elements reference blacks velvets, including foil jerseys and heers, alongside structured pieces.


We are proud to introduce our new wardrobe essentials programme, Love & Hold, wear forever pieces to love and to hold. Based and built on your needs and longer lasting trends. You’ll find timeless silk blouses, Dante6 favourites in high quality vegan leather and a classic snake print.