Sustainability is a term that is used to describe everything relating to the topic of being sustainable, which includes; Social, Environmental and Economic. At Dante6 we know we are not perfect yet, but we aim to make steps in all areas to become a more sustainable brand. See below our key the steps we are taking already;

Certified Suppliers

Almost all of our partners are working with BSCI and SEDEX certifications. We conduct regular visits and checks on our suppliers around the world to make sure our standards are adhered to. Click here to see where we produce our garments.

Ecovero by Lenzing

We work with viscose qualities certified under Ecovero by Lenzing wherever possible. Which means the viscose is harvested sustainably and the production uses 50% less water and emissions than normal viscose.

Mohair Mark

We have obtained the Mohair Mark on all mohair compositions we use in our knitwear. This ensures the mohair comes from certified farms in South Africa with zero tolerance to animal cruelty.

Recycled Polyester

The light woven items in our Basic Essentials are now made with a recycled polyester blend.

Fur Free Fur

We work with a high quality producer in China who produces faux fur certified by animal rights organisation Peta. Each one of our faux fur products comes with a ‘Touch Me I’m Fake’ inside neck label.

Who Made My Clothes?

Who Made My Clothes is an important campaign following the collapse of the garment factory in Bangladesh, 2013, started by Fashion Revolution. Since then the campaign has been an important tool aiding much needed transparency and traceability within the fashion chain. Below are some of the amazing people from around the world that help bring the Dante6 collections to life with the same love and care that we do. It takes many, many talented people to make our clothes and these are just a few that we have taken from some of our factories around the world.

Our Team

100% of the team at our Rotterdam HQ is made up of women! Meet the team.

Low stock

We only produce what we need and never over-produce our collections which means we don’t sit on a lot of stock.

Low Minimums

Because we are a small brand the orders we place on fabric meters is low. This can often be a challenge concerning prices of fabrics, especially when the demand of a fabric is not so high.

Eco-Friendly Bathroom products

In our office and in our stores we use bathroom products by Marie Stella Maris. Each purchase of one of their products they contribute to improving access to clean drinking water worldwide


Starting from our SS20 collection we will switch to a more sustainable packing method when shipping our garments.


At our HQ we recycle all our waste very carefully and donate our textile scraps whenever possible. It all adds up!

Wash and Care Guide

We encourage our customers to take care of our products in an eco-friendly way, here are some handy tips to keep your clothes in good condition without destroying the planet;

- Only wash as needed
Not only are you saving water and detergent, your clothes will last a lot longer. Think about switching to an organic washing detergent to make your clothes even happier.

- Skip the dryer
Instead opt for drying your clothes on a clothes line saving electricity and money!

- Cold washing
When you do wash your clothes, set your washer to “cold” to save energy and help your clothes live a little longer as heat can break the fibers down in your clothes.

- Steam away the creases
Use the travel steamer from The Steamery to keep your clothes crisp and wrinkle free. Available in our store.

- Pilling
Use the pilo fabric shaver from The Steamery to erase any natural pilling that occurs on your knitwear items. Pilling is a natural occurrence for knitwear made from natural fibres, so don’t despair just shave them off! Available in our store.