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Before putting our pencils onto our sketches, my team and I do profound research into each season's trends. This year it was very clear to us that our customers desire a sense of calmness and serenity. Within that calm and more serene spectrum, we found clear aesthetic answers that fit into the Dante6 signature. Our aim was to make a collection that is comfortable and fun, without overthinking things. Throughout new textures and desert-scape tones, we got inspired in sculpting wardrobes 8, 9 and 10 for our Fall | Winter 2023 collection.

Within our long-term palette of neutrals and earth-inspired tones, we have injected freshness through colour. Therefore, our colours and prints act like a well-balanced orchestra, which makes our Fall | Winter 2023 collection versatile for every customer.

For this season our collection has a deliberate focus on utility, wearability, responsibility and other qualities that introduce nostalgic new reasons to invest in our contemporary, yet familiar collections.

However, the most exciting part of our Fall | Winter 2023 collection is the launch of Dante6’s first footwear capsule. We’ve been doing a lot of research into what the perfect boots would be, for modern women of today. We are incredibly excited to share a capsule of ankle- and knee boots, that are thoughtfully designed to be a must-have in each woman’s wardrobe.

I hope our new observations and stimulations, offer you a joyous journey throughout our new collection.

With Love,
Evelyne Brekelmans
Founder | Creative Director | Co-Owner

Wardrobe 10

Delivery October 2023

With more prominent shapes and more structured fabrics like luxurious bouclé's, tweeds, pied de poules and real house classics, we can speak of a revival of tailoring this Fall | Winter '23 season! To complement our jackets and blazers, we have also designed a small capsule that features hand-beaded embroidery, which adds a touch of fun to our toned-down styles this season. Drawing inspiration from our concepts of modernity, we are proud to have found a signature aesthetic, defined by classic shapes and modern details, marrying form and function.


Wardrobe 9

Delivery September 2023

When it comes to layering of garments, oversized and body-conscious looks inspired from the late 90's and the Y2K, play an integral in our collection. We gave extra structure to body conscious knits, that have the possibility to be combined with our more oversized tailoring, playing with shapes and fabrics.

The strong shoulders in our tailoring evolved into a fundamental aspect this season.


Wardrobe 8

Delivery August 2023

We bring lots of newness for our FW '23 capsules: For instance, cargo pants are a perfect example of a classic military essential that has been adapted for a casual silhouette in the modern woman's wardrobe. The typically loose-fitted shape is a classic style that celebrates functionality in fashion, a concept that is well represented in our D6Harlow pants and our tumbled leather D6Ryder pants. This season we offer a balance between already-tested styles and fashion forward items, prioritizing responsible and high-end materials. These are also to be found within our newest outerwear. Our outerwear contains of usability, as well as a sense of feminine style, which we intend to be cherished for a long period of time.


Wardrobe 7

Delivery July 2023

To stimulate new feelings for simplicity and spontaneity, Wardrobe 7’s colours fuse a deep connection to nature and a need for tranquillity, through softer neutral tones, combined with deep faded pinks and a dazzling silver. A combination of both romantic and minimalistic silhouettes brings our woman into transcendence near the season’s end.


Wardrobe 6

Delivery June 2023

While our neutral tones stay for Wardrobe 6, several new crisp blues are welcomed. Inspired by a sunset soaked sea and its reflections, our greens have evolved into marine-like hues that bring serenity into our suedes, satins and knits. At the same time multicoloured prints bring a sense of warmth and coherence into Wardrobe 6.


Wardrobe 5

Delivery May 2023

Wardrobe 5’s colour palette includes energising brights, saturated pastels and grounding neutrals. Pink is refreshed, while orange expands into a warm honey-like tone. Glistening pleated fabrics with prints that envision the rise of summer’s sun. Wardrobe 5 offers a feeling of escapism and celebration with its Amethyst sequins and dreamy silhouettes.



We are proud to introduce our new wardrobe essentials programme, Love & Hold, wear forever pieces to love and to hold. Based and built on your needs and longer lasting trends. You’ll find timeless silk blouses, Dante6 favourites in high quality vegan leather and a classic snake print.

Love Hold