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Leather is a beautiful natural and bio-degradable material, and an important part of our brand DNA. Also for our leather it is our priority to contribute to a healthier and more responsible supply chain, without losing the aesthetics. We seek to work with suppliers that attract their leather from certified tanneries. These tanneries are using responsible methods and materials which are not harmful and less wasteful for people and the environment, and for example invest in water-saving, -filtering and -recycling. A win-win for everyone.

The so-called “responsible leather” is leather we attract from tanneries which are certified by the non-profit organization which works to minimize environmental impact in the leather sector. It means that the leather for a garment has been tanned using responsible methods and materials.

At this moment at least 50% of all our leather is certified, and we work intensively with our leather suppliers to increase this percentage.

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