Responsible leather

Responsible Leather

We are proud that our customers are increasingly conscious about their purchases and we are serious about making a difference concerning the production of our clothes.

Leather is a beautiful natural and bio-degradable material, and an important part of our brand DNA. Same as for our other products, for our leather it is also our priority to contribute to a healthier and more responsible supply chain, without losing the aesthetics. As long as the meat industry exists, not using leather as a byproduct would be wasteful and tanneries are saving millions of skins globally from landfill or incineration every year. We take responsibility by making sure that we work with suppliers that attract their leather from certified tanneries.

These certified tanneries are using responsible methods and materials which are not harmful and less wasteful for people and the environment.
An example of this is chrome-free leather, which has been tanned (coloured) without using toxic chrome. The tanneries get guidance from the certifying body in how to efficiently use water and treat wastewater, and how to best use, store and dispose of hazardous chemicals.

The products from our leather suppliers all abide by the European 'REACH' regulation, meaning that no restricted hazardous chemicals have been used during their development and production.

If cared for the leather correctly, its durability and repairability can last for a lifetime and beyond.