our partners

The map above shows where we are making our garments. We operate with 19 factories across Europe, India and China, choosing our partners carefully due to their manufacturing expertise in specific areas. Most partners we have built a relationship with over many years and we work closely together to make the best possible products each season. We conduct regular visits to our factories to ensure they adhere to strict policies regarding health and safety, child labour and living wages.

90% of our suppliers are working with BSCI and Sedex certifications. These are systems dedicated to improvements in ethical and responsible business practices in the global supply chain, and are aimed at improving working conditions and increase prosperity.

Sedex focuses on the four pillars of:
- Human and Labor Rights
- Health & Safety
- Environment
- Business Integrity

BSCI sets out 11 core labour rights:
- The right of freedom and association and collective bargaining
- Fair remuneration
- Occupational Health & Safety
- Special protection for young workers
- No bonded labour
- Ethical business behavior
- No discrimination
- Decent working hours
- No precarious employment
- Protection of the environment