Collection Story


The initial starting place for our Winter 2019 collection came from the traditional Navajo weaving patterns, which would be made by the Navajo women often into blankets and rugs on handmade wooden looms.

The collection is a bohemian walk through the dry, golden deserts of Arizona, as we scuff our cowboy boots exploring textures and colours giving us a rich blend of inspiration. Looking to traditional tapestries as print inspiration, we explore and celebrate craft through a modern lens, whilst always striking the balance between the modern metropolitan woman.

The colour palette is rich and current, the fabrics luxurious to the touch. We mix sumptuous cultural references to create our beautiful Winter 19 collection.

This collection is made for us - Dante6 Women. With beautiful pieces that are on trend and we all love to wear!

- the wardrobes -

wardrobe 1 delivery July 2019

The palette in wardrobe one is inspired by traditional Navajo weaving colours. We also incorporate delicate tones to soften the bolder side including Oyster pink, Toffee and Powder Puff. Red tones are an essential role in this wardrobe, with bright Lipstick red and rich Indian red. Soft Blue Blush adds a fresh element to the wardrobe.

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wardrobe 2 delivery August 2019

In Wardrobe two we concentrate on rich yellow tones with Honey Gold, Rich Caramel & Pumpkin. They are empowered by our luxury neutrals Toffee and Bitter Chocolate. Rich Caramel is seen in various textures creating rich combinations. A modern combination from this wardrobe fuses Pumpkin with Purple Haze and Bitter Chocolate.

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wardrobe 3 delivery September 2019

Wardrobe three houses the lustrous, deep green tones paired with our intense Rich Caramel. This condensed palette is empowered by the rich prints and patterns used throughout the wardrobe.

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wardrobe Icons delivery September 2019

A sign or representation that stands for its object by virtue of a resembles or analogy to it: “an icon of womanhood”. This ICONS 19-1 collection starts with a high summer, modern prairie feel. A bold, decorative and organic inspired print is combined with seasonal green and purple tones to create a folky mix. As the weather changes towards the end of summer, this transitional collection morphs into a more romantic safari feeling. A fresh, feminine touch is brought by the light cotton broderie anglaise styles which takes you easily from one season to another.

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wardrobe essentials

Dante6 essentials are the basic must have styles of her collections. The ultimate must haves which should not be missed in your wardrobe. With these basic styles you are able to create endless combinations.

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