Proud Member of Amfori

Proud member of AMFORI

We believe that for businesses today, doing good for people and planet is one of the most important, and we want to do more to improve the lives of the people producing our clothes.

We strive to operate in a way which is ethical, transparent, and sustainable.
To underwrite this aim, from 1 august onwards Dante6 has gained membership of Amfori. This organization is the leading non-profit business association that enables organizations to enhance human prosperity, use natural resources responsibly and drive open trade globally.

Practically, the organization helps us to monitor and improve the quality of the production facilities in our supply chain. Independent audit teams monitor all our suppliers, to make sure global labour standards are being met, workers are earning fair pay and working conditions are good.

Amfori shares our goal to promote gender equality in supply chains and in the workplace so as to advance performance, sustainability and fairness for all. This helps us to work towards the fulfilment of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.