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Every year ten billion trees are lost. This has disastrous consequences for people, animals and climate. That’s why at Dante6 we invest in trees. How? We collaborate to plant trees, protect and restore existing forests, and raise awareness about the need for trees. Close to home, but also further away through sustainable forestry projects in developing countries.

In our material choices we also take responsibility in this respect and choose for Ecovero rather than conventional viscose. Ecovero is derived from certified renewable wood sources and is produced in an eco-responsible production process. A win-win for the product and the environment.

Because we care about the environment, we signed a partnership with Trees For All. Each year, they will plant trees in both The Netherlands and in other countries, for all birthdays of the employees within Dante6. And last Black Friday, we turned it into Green Friday; with every purchase on the website, one could help restoring forests by adding trees at the check-out.

About Trees For All:
“Trees care for us, and that’s why we care for trees.” That’s their motto.
Let’s plant the future.
Trees are the solution for climate change. Trees for All plants trees in the Netherlands and abroad and offsets carbon emissions. Their mission is to plant new forests worldwide and to protect and restore existing forests. In this way we contribute to a better climate, more biodiversity and better living conditions for local people.
The Trees for All Foundation was set up in 1999. They are the most experienced supplier of carbon offsets in the Netherlands and the only provider of carbon offsets that meets the stringent requirements of CBF certification.
In addition, they protect existing forest and woodland and contribute to improving the standard of living of people in developing countries. They’re a results-focused foundation with an energetic team of people working heart and soul for a green and healthy planet.
And that’s why we love to work together!

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