Collection story


The Dante6 collections are all about empowering women, regardless of age and background. We aim to offer feminine and reassuring designs that will be loved for the long-term. Our collections are truly age-less and design driven.

What it means to be a woman in this world is an endless journey and one of constant reinvention. More and more, our approach to fashion and our collections is not driven by trends, but is centered around the diversity of our clients, our partners, but foremost about you!

Traverse Spring Summer ‘22 is like a bridge suspended between where we are and where we are going. Traverse encourages an unbroken spirit and positive progress into the future. The idea of transcendence, transforming time and place has served as a huge inspiration for our most recent collections.

The goal of the Dante6 design team is to make women feel truly special and create pieces that spark conversation and transport you to a different time and place. In this collection we have layered it with a youth spirit, good vibes, artistic expressionism and unleashing and everlasting creativity.

For this SS22 collection, inspirations from the 80’s boosted our moods. Infused with optimism, the spirit of the 80’s is sweeping through the looks of this season. A novel dynamic season that calls for a rich creative force, to support the confident and liberated lightness.

We have translated the codes of the 80’s and made them more contemporary. We nonchalantly transported the big shoulders, the slim waists, and breezy volume dresses into a modern 21st-century look with romantic detailing. Neon brights, pop-colour prints, metallic foil coated patterns and bleach washed denims, all provide a sense of joyful power. It comes into a play through emerging aesthetics with vibrant colours that appeal the escape and our new found future.

The 2021 Denim Capsule pays homage to the 1980s iconic rock scene—a nostalgic nod to the decade’s timeless influences that are still relevant today. Image pieces are: a reworked cropped blazer and a statement puff sleeve top, both decorated with rhinestones and metal studs, very modern and made for the self-declared rock stars of today, more dressy again!

Love & sparkles,
Evelyne Brekelmans
Founder & Creative Director

- the wardrobes -

Wardrobe 6

Delivery May / June 2022

We stand for hope in a world that doesn’t always make optimism easy. We stand for an independent state of mind and a willingness to enhance your confidence in and out. Our designs act as a vessel for women to reflect their inner strength and beauty to the outside world. New in this collection is an exclusive handmade print of which we created a limited-edition bikini and kimono for the high-summer days. Feel free to the fullest & embrace Liberté!


Wardrobe 5

Delivery May 2022

For this collection, we were inspired by our new Dante6 Archetype strategy. We cannot wait to tell you more about this exciting new journey. Whether you are a Lover, a Pioneer, or a Warrior… embrace Liberté. No matter what race, religion, or gender… embrace Liberté. This Icons 22-1 collection - Liberté is a movement for all free, brave, and powerful women. Expect voluminous dresses, power blouses, unexpected details, and of course our well-known comfortable, high quality leather pieces. Fresh & outstanding colours like pink, orange & lilac are the perfect match with softer nude and butter-cream tones.


Wardrobe 4

Delivery April 2022

Our wardrobe 4 colours come in a strong range of soft and vibrant hues that have an undeniable feeling of optimism that consumers will crave.
Moonstone is a must-have lilac, landing on escapist patterned dresses as well as knits and suiting. A less saturated, but equally bright option is Limoncello. We continue to see brights like Fuchsia Rose and Bubblegum as well as highlighter to make a splash. Hues like Faded Lilac, Ice Blue and Moonstone bring a popular, commercial direction on monochromatic looks. This palette can be toned down or grounded by neutrals like Milk White and Buttercream.

Wardrobe 4
The wardrobes 3

Wardrobe 3

Delivery March 2022

The color palette WR 3 is full of sweet vitality. A vibrant group of greens like Faded Green and Vetiver are a nod to the perennial cycle of life, while Neon Yellow injects a citrus fizz into an otherwise tranquil cocktail of colours.
Graceful lilacs are like elegant flower petals of peace, while neutrals like Butter Cream, Sandalwood and Cinnamon Brown are an ongoing importance. Mud extends beyond its utility origins and Cinnamon Brown comes in as a highly commercial hue.
Neutrals lighten up this season and are really key into the message of tonal dressing. In that sense, we see Sandalwood as the go-to warm beige.
Milk White is widespread as an alternative to crisp white and feels right for the moment. Raven continues to be a key base hue.


Wardrobe 2

Delivery February 2022

The colour pallete of WR 2 is a cheery colour message combined with pink and blue tones. Retro mood and graphic lines are sublimed by Magenta Pink and Sunset Red.
We point out to an emerging ‘Blue Wave’ as Blue tones will take more market share from other colour families in the near future. This season we’re most excited about Aqua blue, this will be a must-have hue, evoking an upbeat that brightens up your look in combination with Milk White.

Wardrobe 2
The wardrobes

Wardrobe 01

Delivery January 2022

Taking a cue from loungewear, knitted sets become must-have layering items and everyday Ready-to-wear essentials.
In this drop you’ll find striped blouses, 70’s inspired dresses and leather puffer waistcoats to uplift your early Spring wardrobe.
Our branded sweatsuit takes comfort to a higher level again, especially when styled under our must-have Trench or our Spring Puffer-Coat.


Wardrobe 12

Delivery December 2021

Blue harmonies plus soft neutrals are representing daydreams, but with an undertone of importance, to celebrate life!
Flirty dresses, silky blouses and feminine leather pieces are represented in this drop. Introducing our elevated comfort styles, made of certified Merino wool, for a luxurious lounge vibe.

Wardrobe 01
Love Hold


We are proud to introduce our new wardrobe essentials programme, Love & Hold, wear forever pieces to love and to hold. Based and built on your needs and longer lasting trends. You’ll find timeless silk blouses, Dante6 favourites in high quality vegan leather and a classic snake print.