Now that we are forced to travel less, we have experienced there are different ways to approach our inspirational and designing processes. And it’s something that inspired us through a romantic focus on natural motifs, fabrics and colours.

It was a quite diverse journey and very interesting to experience. These days re-rooted nature is an affirmation of the things that connect us - nature, heritage, craft and community – and an examination of how they can guide us through a time when we are all being guided on to new paths.
Nature has become the greater unifier and healer in a period of upheaval and this direction explores our symbiotic relationship with it.

For the heart of this collection, we chose to continue our optimistic direction that is all about well-designed styles that bring personality and pleasure to everyday. It’s all about giving confidence to women and making them feel good in the clothes they are wearing. It celebrates the warmth, femininity and re-assurance of our designs that will be loved for the long-term. What it means to be a woman in this world is an endless journey and one of constant reinvention. The result of this inspiration comes together in a ‘Play of Opposites’ for our Fall/Winter 2021 collection.

A trend which is likely to remain after the current crisis, is women’s fusion dressing – blending formal and casual wear. Next to that, a growing desire for dressing up again is anticipated. For this reason, an opulent mood runs through this FW’ 21 season, with luxe fabrications and pretty decorative detailing. Earthy and bold colours. Rich and textured materials. Fluid silky surfaces and voluminous shapes will be key across all product categories. Luxe metallics and some embellishments will feed into a renewed wish to be more dressy again!

I hope this collection will boost your mood and you discover its versatility and joy.

Love, Evelyne Brekelmans
Founder and Creative Director

- the wardrobes -

Wardrobe 10

Delivery October 2021

Post-Pandemic times expect a re-appreciation of nature which drive a key colour message for the longer term. For our Wardrobe 10, we are inspired by hues from natural sources and wellness. Our signature greens and browns remain particularly important. The wardrobe 10 pallet is grounded by Smokey Olive and Oil Green. Besides that, there is a wide range greens, from greyish Silt Green and green colours like Whisper Green to a soft pop in Vivid green. Red is perennially important for FW’21. We will see it shift to the richer tone of Wineberry. This pop-colour will pair beautifully with our blurred animal print, tone to tone or with solids such as Fungi, Bone and Raven.

Soon more styles available

Wardrobe 9

Delivery September 2021

Neutrals are again a key part of our FW’21 colour card, providing a foundational option for the seasonal colours. It’s a combination of classic neutrals with the warmer mineral-infused tones of Bone, Fungi, Hazelnut and Chocolate. These earthy colours have primitive, elemental characteristics and bring an update from timeless feminine utility-wear and tone-to-tone themes. The Lilac tones are becoming more popular. Sweet lilac is already making waves in the digital world as a contemporary pastel, and it will be a key colour for FW ‘21. Neutrals combined with pastels are creating a prettiness with a nostalgic story to tell. An inject pop of the classic romantic tone Pink Velvet adds power to the new femininity into light-woven textured styles, mixed with black for a commercial take and bringing power when worn with the bohemian floral print.


Wardrobe 8

Delivery August 2021

As the Covid-19 pandemic unfolds, for many, uncertainty has become the new normal. The likely impact will be that consumers become more cautious, but next to home-wear pieces, there will also be more demand for designs that bring a sense of comfort and lots of joy! People won’t abandon the comfort, but they’ll still want to be a little more dressy. As with previous seasons, we have split the palette into two moods – one with intensified natural hues, and the other with more subdued and grounded colours. Our pop of optimistic pink will move to Virtual Pink, infused with touches of browns, for FW ‘21. Virtual Pink has an intense hyper-natural quality that will resonate across seasons and continents, and work well for both real-life and digital contexts. In a challenging time, this stimulating pink will have strong appeal, inciting feelings of positivity and vigour.


Wardrobe 6

Delivery June 2021

With this Icons 21-1 collection we invite you to be your own source of inspiration and elevate yourself with our New Found Optimism. The palette is grounded in rich greens inspired by nature, which are offset with vivid colours that are uplifting and energizing. This collection comes with a little wink to fall rather than playing into a traditional seasonal direction. Delicately embroidered flowers add luxury decorations to laidback styles and can be paired with 70s vibe denim. The elegant and romantic styles are paired together with glam-rock leather styles, while still focusing on comfort and easy-day dressing. Botanical impressions with naïve brush strokes in our Artistic Palm Print are giving a gentle romantic twist to florals. Become your own source of inspiration and elevate yourself while facing everyday challenges!


Wardrobe 5

Delivery May 2021

Vivid, joyful, and uplifting colours are balanced with soft neutrals and earthy tones in this drop, creating a contrast between bright colours and organic prints. Our flowing tops and dresses are adorned with special poufs and presented in drapey cuts, to create easy breezy silhouettes. The dresses are paired with delicate silk items and soft leather styles. The broderie anglaise adds a touch of romance and fabrics like Tencel, Cupro, Rayon, Cool Cotton and Viscose are perfect summer fabrics. Mood boosting prints like Pointillism and Matisse-inspired prints are reworked into a purified animalism. This collection offers multiple end-use, from Zoom-call friendly silhouettes and strong styles for on-screen communication, to lounging in the garden. We encourage you to enjoy, stay connected, and stay optimistic!



We are proud to introduce our new wardrobe essentials programme, Love & Hold, wear forever pieces to love and to hold. Based and built on your needs and longer lasting trends. You’ll find timeless silk blouses, Dante6 favourites in high quality vegan leather and a classic snake print.

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