For Spring Summer 2021 we were inspired by natural elements and shapes. But also, by real craftsmanship, for instance by the 20th century artist Constantin Brancusi, of which we visited a beautiful exposition in February while on a research trip in New-York, just before lockdown. Brancusi was a sculptor painter and photographer who made his career in France and was considered a pioneer of modernism.

We centered this collection on trust, ingenuity and versatility, just smart and wearable fashion, but also statement pieces that last beyond a single season.

Our own artistic artworks inspired by nature and her florals bring a joyful aspect to this Spring-Summer 2021 collection on different levels. Each wardrobe contains opulent dresses and exuberantly shouldered tops in airy fabrics, alongside beautiful knits and separates, like paper-bag waist shorts, kick-flares and wide sleeve shirts in Denim with a more 70’s vibe.

The palette duality between light and soothing shades and assertive tones of greens, pinks and yellow will take you through the flow of the new delivery capsules.

Feel the love of our Spring-Summer’ 21 styles, use our collection pieces as your personal source of inspiration, elevate yourself with our New found Optimism, while facing everyday challenges.

Stay Safe and Optimistic!

- the wardrobes -

Wardrobe 6

Delivery June 2021

With this Icons 21-1 collection we invite you to be your own source of inspiration and elevate yourself with our New Found Optimism. The palette is grounded in rich greens inspired by nature, which are offset with vivid colours that are uplifting and energizing. This collection comes with a little wink to fall rather than playing into a traditional seasonal direction. Delicately embroidered flowers add luxury decorations to laidback styles and can be paired with 70s vibe denim. The elegant and romantic styles are paired together with glam-rock leather styles, while still focusing on comfort and easy-day dressing. Botanical impressions with naïve brush strokes in our Artistic Palm Print are giving a gentle romantic twist to florals. Become your own source of inspiration and elevate yourself while facing everyday challenges!


Wardrobe 5

Delivery May 2021

Vivid, joyful, and uplifting colours are balanced with soft neutrals and earthy tones in this drop, creating a contrast between bright colours and organic prints. Our flowing tops and dresses are adorned with special poufs and presented in drapey cuts, to create easy breezy silhouettes. The dresses are paired with delicate silk items and soft leather styles. The broderie anglaise adds a touch of romance and fabrics like Tencel, Cupro, Rayon, Cool Cotton and Viscose are perfect summer fabrics. Mood boosting prints like Pointillism and Matisse-inspired prints are reworked into a purified animalism. This collection offers multiple end-use, from Zoom-call friendly silhouettes and strong styles for on-screen communication, to lounging in the garden. We encourage you to enjoy, stay connected, and stay optimistic!


Wardrobe 4

Delivery April 2021

In April, we are heading more towards the Summer season, so this wardrobe stands for Happy and Uplifting colours. Warm neutrals like Caramel have been up-trending for some time and now we also see a shift to the concentrated earthy tones like Burnt Orange.
Burnt Orange will bring versatility with Warm Yellow against it to create freshness. Yellow has gained momentum over several seasons, both soft and bright yellow-tones are becoming popular on social media. The super saturated colours like Warm Yellow and Turquoise emerge to support our strong message of ‘Brave Optimism’.
These brights are making the most impact while balanced with neutrals like Soft Yellow and Butter Cream. Primary Cobalt Blue is used as an important accent in prints, while Raven will bring some rocky edge.


Wardrobe 3

Delivery March 2021

It’s a season of extremes, clean primary brights sit alongside playful pastels, delivering a balanced refreshed message. As Spring is arriving around this period of the year and temperature is rising, we are longing for a ‘Mood of Optimism’. Keycolour for this wardrobe is Cassis Pink, an important saturated bright that makes a strong impact for those who have an appetite to Embrace Joy! Grayed Violet and Soft Yellow will pair easily with neutrals such as Butter Cream and Sugar Brown. They can also be used to complement classic colours like Midnight Blue and Optic White.
The application of Fresh Pink and Soft Yellow will contribute to a more youthful look, as both colours will speak to our younger fans. The Beautiful Sky blue denim will empower this wardrobe and bring some cool nonchalance.

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Wardrobe 2

Delivery February 2021

As Earlier seasons, a wide range of greens will be essential for our SS21 collection. Olive Green will be Key as a seasonal and core tone. It is an influential colour thanks to the association with nature and wellness. Bright Green is effortless appealing and artificial hues as Neo Mint and Spring Green are used to uplift the darker shades.
The newness of the trans-seasonal green tones will be in the combination with Soft Yellow and Fresh Pink. Or, use the greens as a solid in tone-to-tone dressing for a modern and clean look. There is a lot of buzz around brown tones and we see it becomes key for Spring Summer ‘21. These shades shift to richer colours such as Walnut and Sugar Brown, offering a warmer balance in this palette. As Pink tones are very important for this SS21 collection, we introduce Fresh Pink for this Wardrobe 2 to create a gentle happiness. Fresh pink can be paired with browns as well as greens to lift-up the palette.

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Wardrobe 1

Icons 21-1

The world forced us to slow down, less traveling, working from home and choose our products with even more care. Designs that embrace individuality and encourage personalization will continue to appeal.In this tumultuous period we have been inspired by seeking comfort in Nostalgia from the 70’s.
Although so many changes we have to adept ourselves, our Dante6 signature remains key and is very well protected for our clients in these times, to reassure you will find your comfort and recognition in use of the Dante6 shapes, fabrics, prints and colour.
Textured knitwear, 70’s inspired prints and tonal dressing are key in this new collection.

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We are proud to introduce our new wardrobe essentials programme, Love & Hold, wear forever pieces to love and to hold. Based and built on your needs and longer lasting trends. You’ll find timeless silk blouses, Dante6 favourites in high quality vegan leather and a classic snake print.

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