For the Spring-Summer 2020 collection we are taking you to the secret garden of Dante6. The garden is a beautiful space, living inside all of our imaginations, and it looks different to each of us, because we are all unique.

The visuals and palette of this collection are derived from an imaginary garden space; rich earthy tones are the backdrop throughout the season, with our signature green and blue tones as well as both soft and bold pastels to enhance and change the feeling within the drops. There is a wink to 70’s bohemian style seen in our long length dresses, colour combinations and style references.

Prints reflect our garden in blurry florals, soft animals, folklore inspiration, distorted graphical and beautiful modern tie-dye. The sumptuous palette, prints and fabrics bring our inspiration to life beautifully.

- the wardrobes -

Icons 20-1

Delivery June 2020

Our High Summer story speaks to a party culture with flattering dresses, tops and beautiful detailing. With a ‘buy now, wear forever’ appeal, we offer crafted pieces within dresses, knitwear and tops with a focus on versatile daywear that can transition from beach to city.

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Delivery January 2020

Summer begins with a soft, ethereal feeling in wardrobe 1 with delicate floral pastels emulating the Secret Garden feeling with Powder Puff, Blossom Pink, Spearmint and Warm Sand which soften our green, blue and earthy tones.
Trend forecaster Lidewij Edelkoort has announced that we are now in ‘The Brown Age’ - all shades of the brown family will become dominant looking forward to coming seasons.

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Delivery February 2020

We move to a more earthy palette strengthened by the warm sand, fudge and roasted pecan, emboldened by the luscious pink tones and orange pop. These colours provide a strong base for the many colourful prints in this drop including a graphical multi-colour chevron and a splash of colour with our pink based tie dye print.

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Delivery March 2020

Wardrobe 3 transitions into the summer feeling with soft, earthy pastel shades as well as uplifting yellows, organic brown and coppery tones to ground it. We empower this drop with many strong prints as well as adding black; a chic appeal of black in summer next to an earthy palette.

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Icons 19-2

delivery October 2019

A sign or representation that stands for its object by virtue of a resemblace or analogy to it: “an icon of womanhood” This ICONS 19-2 collection is infused with folky prints. The Paisley print is seeing a revival in fresh colours and fabrics, combined with lilac cable knitted sweaters, lurex mesh and metallic gold leather to create an eclectic vibe. The bohemian trend continues to be pushed into a modern direction with mixed colours and prints in long maxi dresses as well as short day dresses. The sparkling folky print and black dresses are right on time for the festive season.

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wardrobe essentials

Dante6 essentials are the ultimate must haves styles of the Dante6 collections which should not be missed in your wardrobe. With these basic styles you are able to create endless combinations.
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