Washing instructions

Always follow up the washing instructions as indicated on the label inside all articles.
It is also imperative to use a fine fabric detergent. This ensures that the original colour, fabric and shape of your Dante°6 articles will be preserved as long as possible. It is also advisable to wash the delicate articles in a wash bag, to protect them whilst in the washing machine so they do not get damaged.

In the unlikely event that the label is missing, please contact us at info@dante6.nl for washing instructions.


Many Dante°6 articles are made of delicate materials and textures. It is therefore important that you treat them with caution. Be careful with sharp elements such as jewellery, nails and belts.

Please be aware that articles made of delicate materials, such as silk, should not be worn too tight. This prevents the material and the seams from having too much tension, which can cause damage.

Taking good care of your Dante°6 clothing allows you to enjoy them more.
Dante°6 wishes you many beautiful, fashionable moments as you enjoy your newest addition!

Any questions please contact:

Dante6 Head office, phone +31 10 208 08 50