Milou Tjioe

  • Who are you and what do you do for living?

    My name is Milou Tjioe and I am a freelance creative, mostly in styling & photography.

  • How would you describe your own style?

    Classy, sometimes comfy, sometimes sassy, and clean with a girly touch. 

  • Where or from which women do you get your inspiration from?

    I get inspired in so many ways. Pinterest and Instagram ofcourse are common sources of inspiration, but I also get inspired by people on the streets. New places when traveling are also a huge source of inspiration for me: the local colours, buildings and local people are always interesting. 

    • How do you wish to inspire other women?

      By sending happy vibes and self-love, so that others can feel it too. And by creating a lot of things; outfits obviously, but also drawings, paintings, photography series..

    • What means womanhood to you?

      Being your very true self and do what you love and believe in. Without holding back and you’re even super proud of it, no matter how others think of it.

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