Kim Lammers

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Kim Lammers is a Dutch former hockey international. We asked her how to stay fit in these crazy times and she shared her top 3 tips with us!

-  E X E R C I S E  -

  • How do we stay fit in these times?

    Especially now it's incredibly important to stay fit. Maybe you can't go to your sports class anymore, because everything is closed. What might help during these times: set your alarm clock extra early! Go for a long walk or go jogging. When you get home, walk up and down the stairs a few more times instead of just moving from your office chair to the toilet or kitchen. That way, you stay fit with some small and simple exercises. Go for a nice evening walk to discover your city or village in a different way, especially now it’s much more quiet. These are all little things that can help you to get a bit more exercise in these, quite crazy, times.

-  N U T R I T I O N  -

  • What's for dinner?

    These days, it’s also very important to not only do your grocery shopping at the big supermarkets, but especially at those small entrepreneurs in town. Support your locals! What I really like, now that I also have more spare time and less travel time, is to really take the time to do my grocery shopping. So, I go to the local greengrocer and baker where I get nice and fresh products. Then, I make the most delicious dishes, for which I now have the time. It's not only very nice to play and experiment with food that way, it's also very healthy!

-  S H O P P I N G  -

  • Shopping online or at a physical store?

    I'm definitely not an online shopper, I like to feel things, see things and... How do I look? I could also use a little help most of the time, but during these days, shopping has been modified. How great is it then, that you can just make an appointment for private shopping and the shop will then be practically empty? To receive clothing advice, but also to be able to just try, see, and touch the items again, and yes... Which woman isn't ready for a new outfit?!

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