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SS22 wardrobe 03

SS22 wardrobe 03

Wardrobe 3
Delivery March 2022

The color palette WR 3 is full of sweet vitality. A vibrant group of greens like Faded Green and Vetiver are a nod to the perennial cycle of life, while Neon Yellow injects a citrus fizz into an otherwise tranquil cocktail of colours.
Graceful lilacs are like elegant flower petals of peace, while neutrals like Butter Cream, Sandalwood and Cinnamon Brown are an ongoing importance. Mud extends beyond its utility origins and Cinnamon Brown comes in as a highly commercial hue.
Neutrals lighten up this season and are really key into the message of tonal dressing. In that sense, we see Sandalwood as the go-to warm beige. Milk White is widespread as an alternative to crisp white and feels right for the moment. Raven continues to be a key base hue.

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